Cuecard by Lance Latchman

Cuecard by Lance Latchman

Hi, my name is Lance Latchman and I am the founder of Cuecard. I'm a full-time producer and have a great passion for transforming factual stories into captivating videos or film.


Previously, I had spent over 10 years in business and consulting, but one day decided to pack up my things and leave the corporate world behind. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do next, but knew I wanted to express myself creatively and if possible learn about the world through people.


It started out with me travelling the world and indulging in meaningful conversations with strangers, until one day it clicked, I realised that helping others to tell their stories is where I felt most alive. This is how Cuecard was born and since committing to empowering others through video, I haven’t stopped.


Working on my passion of storytelling has led me to filming over 1000 people, releasing over 100 incredible stories online, securing a sponsorship to produce my very first documentary on the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis and receiving funding for 12 months to work on my craft. I’ve also built up a successful productions business in this time, which is dedicated to helping individuals, brands and companies to share their values through video.


"This journey has taught me that even the shortest interaction, can have the biggest impact on our lives."