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Where it all started...

How we started out is what makes us unique and our values are no different today, which is why we believe we were awarded Media Production Company of the Year 2022/2023.


In 2017 we started The Cuecard Project, which involved us travelling around the world, walking the streets and interviewing strangers. Within 12 months of launching we had attracted over 10,000 followers who all believed in our mission to connect people through stories. At the same time we were being approached to film long form documentaries such as ‘The Road From Hell’, a UNHCR endorsed documentary about the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis.


We were overwhelmed with responses and requests for our services, which saw the beginning of Cuecard Productions. Since the formation of Cuecard Productions, we’ve been helping people, brands and businesses to share their stories with the world.

Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK
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Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK

About Us

Our Vision

We are an energetic and dedicated team that works and lives by our values. We genuinely care about the people we work with and make it our mission to understand and serve them. We are humble and honest, because although we believe greatly in our abilities, we accept that we do not know everything and always set realistic expectations. However, we are always striving to learn and develop, and share our knowledge with others.

Our values and work are what has inspired Birmingham City University to invite us to  mentor their brightest students in media, film & television.







Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK
Lance Latchman, Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK

Lance Latchman

Managing Director, Producer/Director, Camera Op, Drone Pilot, Video Editor, Story Coach, BCU Mentor

Cuecard Productions - Video production services

Sean Brady

Assistant Producer/Director, Camera Op, Video Editor

Cuecard Productions - Video production services

Daniela Lamonaca

Photographer, Production Manager

Cuecard Productions - Video production services

Eli Thompson

Sound Recordist, Atmos Sound Engineer, Music Composer

The Team

The Cuecard Project Videos

Click below to view some of the greatest stories of the world. 

Behind the Scenes Photos

Our Process

Video production planning

01 | Pre Production

Your idea is brought to life through script writing and storyboarding, as well as understanding what we need to turn your vision into reality, such as the crew, kit, travel and time on set required to pull it off. We prepare schedules and shot list for the day, to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK


And action! Now our production team are on-set, making sure that the lighting, audio and location are all prepped and ready for the shoot. Whether we are using drones, gimbals, shooting an interview, product or service, our team will be at the ready to guide the entire process.

Video editing services, Cuecard Productions, Birmingham UK

03 | Post Production

This is where everything comes together, where we extract the best takes and weave them together to create best visual representation of your story. Depending on the project brief, this stage also include adding music, sound design, voice overs, graphics, colour grading and more, until your project is edited to perfection.

Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK

04 Marketing

Having the perfect video is just the beginning, and we are also dedicated to helping you understand how to effectively market this video to your target audience. From the beginning, we would identified what, why and who we are producing the video for, but we will take the neccessary steps to ensure you understand that to do next.

Coaching you 'how' to tell your story

Storytelling is at the heart of every story, and with over 500 people interviewed and 1000 videos produced over the last 6 years, our story coaches have perfected the art. Our story coaches guide you through the entire story creation process - from understanding your core message and writing a compelling script, through to preparing for production. We help to unpack your imagination and bring structure to your story,  so you know how best to represent your brand effectively. Story coaching doesn’t end here - we believe in giving you all the confidence you need to appear authentic and confident on camera, so you can build trust and form deeper connections with your audience. Let our team help guide you every step of the way!

Enjoy crafting incredible stories with us and get in touch today to discuss your idea!

Cuecard Productions - video productions services, Birmingham UK
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