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Corporate video productions, Birmingham


Project 5


Climategames is a social start-up, with a first-of-its-kind product. A fitness application that enables you to combine physical activity with action on climate change. Having invested over 500K into their product development, they now needed to reach large target audiences with simple but effective videos.

Cuecard productions was hired to storyboard and produce 5 social videos that all targeted niches within the fitness market, including cycling, running and swimming. These videos were advertised on social platforms to build their following and increase downloads, and used across the app and website as showcase videos. 

Client: Climate Games

Style: Advertising

Corporate video productions, Birmingham

Climategames trailer launch

Launch was beyond successful, as a wave of downloads saw their software being deployed in almost every country in the world. 


After a video marketing strategy session with Cuecard Productions, they rebranded from ‘Compete Impossible’, to ‘Climate Games’, and with a new brand awareness video saw a 42% increase in downloads and amazing partnerships being secured with some of the world most well renowned brands, such as Donda, Ecology and Johnson & Johnson.

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