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Real Estate Videos

Gerrard Construction

Cuecard were called upon to create a storyboard and produce a stunning brand awareness video and over 30 photos for their latest property development, utilising drones, gimbals and 4 cameras. 

Zebra Home Cinema

We started by creating a video content marketing strategy, which led to us producing over 30 videos and 30 photos for Zebra Home Cinema to use across their entire business.


Over 5 videos were produced to showcase the USP’s of their fitness software. These videos were used in advertising, email and social media campaigns.

Corporate Videos Portfolio

Cinematic Videos
High quality brand awareness video
St.Modwen Homes

Cuecard were hired to produce a series of health and safety training videos, which are now used to onboard and up-skill over 50,000 staff every year, saving time, lives and money.


To enhance the launch of their new product range, we worked with Mouse Skins and a top esports player to create an engaging and unique video fit for launch.

Cornerstone Kitchen

Cuecard was hired to produce a compelling story that attracted, converted and retained their target audience. This led to us creating their entire content marketing strategy and producing over 20 videos and 30 photos.

St.Modwen Homes Video
Cinematic product video
Cinematic service video
Grey box
Video Production Company - Cuecard Productions

Accelerate your brand awareness

and lead generation

More than 80% of content consumed online is video, making video an essential part of any marketing strategy. If you have an idea but lack time or don't know where to start, Cuecard Productions remove the guess work and produce high quality video content that accelerates your brand awareness and enhances your customer experience, resulting in increased lead conversions and revenues for your business. 


Studies show that 84% of people say that they’re more likely to buy a product or service by watching a brands video. Video is a unique opportunity to enhance your branding and sales process, by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

Video also gives you the ability to reach more people in less time, with a consistent and repeatable message that never loses its edge. Our broadcast standard equipment ensures that you, your products and or services are showcased to the highest standard, and our story coaching services support you to create the perfect script, and if required, present in an authentic and confident manner when appearing on camera.


Finally, we offer free content strategy sessions before producing any video for you, which ensures you’re investing into the video content ideas that will produce the greatest returns on your investment.

Video Productions

Top 10 Video Distribution Strategies

Our top 10 tips to market, distribute and repurpose your video content for maximum ROI



‘I’m confident now to share my content on any platform, with a lot of conviction and I know that my high end clients will be impressed’

Achieving Your Goals

Interview with Cuecard Productions

01 | Goal

  • Increase brand awareness and engagement 

  • Accelerate lead conversions and retention rates 

  • Reach and target larger audiences, in less time 

  • Deliver a consistent message in the market 

  • Form deeper connections with your audience 

  • Build trust and Loyalty 

  • Stand out from the competition 

  • Associate your business with high quality content 

  • Rank better in google

Budget Documentary Productions

02 | Style

  • Brand Awareness videos 

  • Product or Service Showcase 

  • Client testimonials 

  • Video tutorials 

  • Training videos 

  • Social media videos 

  • Thought leadership videos 

  • Documentaries

Construction videos

03 | Service

  • Story coaching 

  • Script Writing 

  • Shoot planning 

  • Multi 4K camera set-up 

  • Professional lighting and audio 

  • Drone Piloting 

  • Voice Overs 

  • Bespoke music 

  • Video Marketing Strategy

Video editing services

04 | Application

  • Advertising Campaigns 

  • Website Videos 

  • Email Campaigns 

  • Sales Presentations 

  • Sales Collateral 

  • Social Media Videos 

  • Whatsapp/Messenger Follow Ups

  • Internal Communication

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