CUECARD DOCumentaries

Seeing Life Through Each Others Eyes

Cuecard Documentaries is an extension of the Cuecard Project, but focused purely on short and long form documentaries made for cinema. The stories that we passionately transform to film are factual and increase social awareness of an event or topic by revealing life through the eye's of others around the world.


Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

the road from hell

A view of life through the eyes of escaping Venezuelan Refugees, who were forced to flee their homeland, a broken economy, and a corrupt government out of fear for their lives. In search of safety, the refugees embark on a gruelling journey, without knowing where The Road From Hell might actually lead.

The Syrian crisis has caused 6.7 million people to become refugees in 10 years. The Venezuelan crisis, in half that time, has already forced 5.1 million people to leave their country. The UN estimates that this crisis will soon become the largest forced migration crisis in the world.

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Fihermen Normal Dimensions.00_07_55_03.S

fisherman's paradise

Patience Brings Hope

Fishermen leave their small island called Ischia, to embark on an epic journey, in search of the seas freshest fish. This short documentary shares an insight into the patience and hope required by skilled fishermen to return home successful.


Filmed, produced and edited by Lance Latchman, of Cuecard Productions