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Video productions Birmingham

Project 1

Iron King

IronKing are a gym equipment manufacturer who have a strong focus on growth, but their founder Henry understood that he needed specialist support to attract and convert new prospects, and retain and upsell to existing customers. 

With video being the most consumed form of content, he hired Cuecard Productions to create a video and photo content strategy which identified the most valuable content for his business. Once the plan was in place, the productions were underway, as we filmed his entire process, tutorials, testimonials and his equipment in use.

Client: Iron King

Style: Advertising

Video production services

Main Advert

These videos and photos were successfully implemented into his customer journey, starting with advertising to attract new leads, brand awareness videos and customer testimonials to convert new leads and video email campaigns to retain and upsell to existing customers.

Ironking saw incredible results, with a reduction in ad spend and double revenue figures in less than 6 months of project launch. They were able to open a new unit, purchase new equipment and hire more staff to accommodate this growth, all through the power of video.

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