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Video production company Birmingham

Mouse Skins

Project 8

Mouse Skins

Prior to the launch of Mouse Skins, a bespoke mice manufacturer, they needed a video that was fit for launch. In partnership with one of the worlds leading esports players TACO, footage was captured of him engaging with these bespoke mice in the forest, using drone, sliders and 4K cameras.

A storyboard was created, script and narrative written, voice overs recorded and footage assembled into a gripping sequence that did Mouse Skins, TACO and Cuecard proud.

Client: Mouse Skins

Style: Advertising

Mouse Skins logo
Product photography
aerial photography

Advert Launch

The launch was massively successful, seeing orders immediately flood their inbox. As well as a wave of new orders, partnerships were also forged with organisations such as Alpine esports, South Park, EMG and Yalla esports.


Now, Mouse Skins are using this momentum to raise £1million in seed funding to take their business to the next level, which has been supported by their victory in the recent ESI pitch investment ‘The Clutch’.

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