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Corporate video productions

Zebra Home Cinema

Project 9

Zebra Home Cinema

Zebra Home Cinema understood the importance of video content, but didn’t know where to start. Their Founder, Atif hired Cuecard to create a complete content strategy which plugged video and photo content into their entire customer journey and sales process.

The video content produced was used across their website, social media pages, email campaigns and communications, and as a part of their sales collateral. Finally, they were the most attractive audio company in the UK.

Client: Zebra Home Cinema

Style: Advertising/Documentary

Corporate photography
Corporate photography
Corporate video productions, Birmingham


Zebra Home Cinema saw an increase in over 86% more visitors to their website, 62% more bookings and 39% increase in orders.

Zebra Home Cinema benefitted from story and on-camera coaching for their main showcase piece, which delivered a concise message and overview of their value in less than 60 seconds. Now, Zebra Home Cinema immediately stand out, and start their customer journey in style.

Other Deliverables

Zebra Home Cinema ordered a photography package, which provided them with 3 months worth of content for their social media channels and website, resulting in increased exposure, growth and visitor conversions.

Other Videos

As a part of the content strategy, we built videos that would either inform, educate, inspire and or build trust with his audience. These videos included testimonials, FAQ’s, personal invitations and short documentaries.

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