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Whether you are an individual, brand or company, Cuecard will help you to effectively share your message and stories through beautifully crafted video content and documentaries, that enables you to attract, convert and build deeper connections with your audience.


We take pride in our ability to help you understand your value, structure and tell your story and if required, authentically and confidently present yourself on camera.


We create a plan and provide guidance for every step of our productions, which allows you to focus on what you do best, running your own projects and businesses.


Our broadcast standard equipment, including 4K drones, dual 4K camera set-ups and atoms sound ensures that you, your products and or services are showcased to the highest standard and create an impression that is second to none. We are also a results driven business, ensuring that every video or documentary serves a purpose and achieves the desired ROI.

Featured Services


People buy people, and their stories. Let the world know your story with a broadcast standard short or long form documentary.

Corporate Videos

Increase awareness, engagement, conversion and retention rates, by delivering consistent messages with stunning video content, at scale and in less time to your prospective, new and existing customers

Story Coaching

Stories bring people together and can humanise your entire brand. We will help to turn your story into a universally understood and engaging showcase piece. We help you to unfold your imagination and guide you on how to best express your story orally and digitally.

Featured Projects

An epic look a life through the eyes of local fisherman from the island Ischia, Italy who show the craft and skill that goes into navigating sea and securing a day’s catch. This video was produced for the local tourism board.



Zebra Home Cinema engaged Cuecard to initially create a video content strategy, which uncovered content ideas that would enhance and streamline their entire customer journey. This led to the production of over 20 videos and 30 photos for their paid advertising, website, social media, email campaigns, sales presentations and more. 



Cuecard productions was hired to produce 5 social videos that all targeted niches within the fitness market. These videos were advertised on social platforms to build their following and increase downloads, and used across the app and website as showcase videos.

Cuecard Productions was called upon to create a storyboard and script that clearly explained their fine dining delivery service, while showcasing the quality of their products and culinary skills. This video achieved tremendous results, which led to us creating their entire video content strategy and a further 30 videos.

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10 tips to feel more confident on camera

Our top 10 tips to appear more confident, relaxed and authentic when presenting on camera.

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