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The Fishermen

Live: An epic look a life through the eyes of local fisherman from the island Ischia, Italy, who show the craft and skill that goes into navigating sea and securing a day’s catch. An inspiring documentary produced for local tourism board.

The Road From Hell

Live: In this documentary, Lance Latchman of Cuecard Productions is invited to the border between Brazil and Venezuela, to explore what life looks like through the eyes of a Venezuelan Refugee. The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis is set to be the worse humanitarian crisis in history, and at the same time the worlds best kept secret, with over 6 million refugees fleeing Venezuela to rebuild their lives. A shocking, emotional and inspiring documentary, built for broadcaster acquisition.

Documentaries Portfolio

Mind Games

In Development: A look at the past, present and future world of esports through the personal stories of the world best digital athletes. We uncover the underbelly of esports and understand how new developments are breaking boundaries and paving  the way for esports to change the world forever.

Queens of the Commonwealth

Live: The stories of 22 migrant women from the Commonwealth, who journeyed to the UK out of survival and for a better life for them and their families. We explore what it was like to leave everything behind, stepping into unknown and having to start from scratch. A documentary funded by the National Lottery, endorsed by the Commonwealth Games and praised by the BBC. A deep, heartfelt and inspiring documentary built for broadcaster acquisition.

Steele Pulse

Live: David Hinds of Steel Pulse, a grammy award winning reggae band from Birmingham, was invited by Zebra Home Cinema to share his inspirations and experience with audio equipment in this short documentary. An informative and entertaining documentary built for YouTube.

Stunning documentaries that let the world know your story

Are you thinking about making a documentary but feel overwhelmed by the process? Do you know what your story is but don't know how to structure it or how to tell it on camera? Our experienced story coaches can help.


We offer an end-to-end documentary package that will take you through the entire process, from start to finish, in manageable stages. We'll help you understand what your story is, how to structure it, and how to tell it with confidence on camera.

We also help you to decide how your story should be presented, how it should look, where and how it should be filmed and how much it will cost.


Documentaries are a powerful way to share important stories and engage audiences. Whether you wish you to tell your life story, company story, relive a past event or explore a current topic, we know how to bring your story to life and would love to support you on this journey.


Contact us today and let our team of experts help you bring your story to life.

Story Coaching

What We Offer

01 | Story Coach

Hire one of our coaches to map out and structure your story, as well as coaching you on how to effectively pitch, tell and present your story on camera.

02 | Planning

Once your story has been mapped out, we conduct thorough research and help you to decide how this story should unfold narratively and visually. Locations are scouted, sets are designed, cast and crews are assembled, and kit is organised to achieve the desired look, style and feel.

03 | Budgeting

It's essential to have a clear understanding of how much the production will cost. At this stage, you will know what your budget can realistically achieve and  help to streamline costs to maximise on your investment.

04 | Scheduling

When we have the green light, we will bring everything together and begin scheduling shoot days, as well as securing locations, permits, permissions, insurances, catering and everything else required for the shoot to run smoothly.

05 | On-camera Coach

Although you will have outlined and rehearsed your story, we will prepare questions to extract this information from you, and our Director will coach you while on set to ensure you deliver your story with authenticity and confidence.

06 | Photography

Every documentary production requires headshots and behind the scenes at the very least, and so we provide professional photography to ensure that every memory is captured to the highest standard.

07 | Editing

We extract the best takes and weave this into the most compelling story for your audience. Finessing the final cut with bespoke music, colour grading and graphics, all while offering seamless live reviews and progress reports.

Louise Clarke


Documentary Cast Member

‘Having it be intimate and being able to talk openly and candidly was very reassuring’

10 tips to feel more confident on camera

Our top 10 tips to appear more confident, relaxed and authentic when presenting on camera.

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