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St.Modwen Homes Video Productions

St.Modwen Homes

Project 14

St.Modwen Homes

St.Modwen Homes are one of the UK’s largest home builders and developers, hiring tens of thousands of staff and contractors who all go through induction and skills training. St.Modwens also have a great responsibility to implement and oversee legislations and safety standards across all of their sites.

Accidents are inevitable and cost the construction industry 16billion a year in legal fees. St.Modwens are a forward thinking organisation and understood that they had to modernise their approach to safety induction and training, through the use of video. They had a big vision to create video tutorials across all areas of safety, from Loading and Unloading, to using a specific piece of equipment, all with the aim of protecting themselves and their workforce.

Client: St.Modwen Homes

Style: Advertising


Cuecard Productions helped with in-depth research, storyboarding, script writing and even hired a safety consultant to ensure that everything being filmed was being executed correctly. 


Our team have CSCS cards, meaning we are also health and safety trained and qualified to work on construction sites. We also hold drone pilots licenses, ensuring safe method of work while flying drones on their plots.


After planning and production, the editing began, and an engaging and modern approach was taken to how the narrative and video was pieced together. The use of music, sound effects, voice overs, graphics and text brought the video to life, which was successfully implemented across their entire business, and has seen a massive reduction in accidents for the topics covered.


St Modwens Homes have been so pleased with the productions and results, they’ve chosen us as their preferred and sole supplier of health and safety video content.

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