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Corporate video productions, Birmingham

Cornerstone Kitchen

Project 4

Cornerstone Kitchen

Cornerstone Kitchen is a leading fine dining caterer for weddings and events across the Uk. During lockdown, their Founder James identified a huge gap in the market. With food delivery services on the rise, there were few options for authentic fine dining to be delivered to your door and James knew that video was the best way to create awareness and increase sales for his fine dining delivery service.  

Cuecard Productions was called upon to create a storyboard and script that clearly explained their service, while showcasing the quality of the product and culinary skills.

Client: Cornerstone Kitchen

Style: Advertising

Corporate video productions, Birmingham
Corporate ariel photography, Birmingham
corporate headshots, photography

Cornerstone @ Home Trailer

This video achieved tremendous results, and is why Cornerstone Kitchen used Cuecard to create and produce their entire video content strategy. This new strategy included over 30 videos which were used across their website, in taster sessions with engaged couples, sales presentations, social media posts, email campaigns and more.

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