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Creative storytelling

Mind Games

Project 7

Mind Games

Cuecard Productions and GGRIP have come together to explore the world of esports and elite gaming through the stories of the best digital athletes the world has to offer. Discovering how these young players have scientifically evolved beyond traditional athletes, with game-changing ability and unparalleled cognitive function, all while evading the underbelly of the esports industry

Mind Games’ is a documentary delving into the past, present and future world of esports through the personal stories of digital athletes and industry experts. By looking at life through the eyes of these skilled professionals, we uncover an underbelly of esports and seek to understand how new developments are breaking boundaries and paving the way for esports to change the world forever.

Client: Mind Games

Style: Documentary

Documentary productions

Documentary Trailer

Below is this trailer we produced for Mind Games. This documentary is currently in development stages - coming soon.


If you’d like to take part or learn more about funding this documentary, then please get in touch with your interest.

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