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How to Optimise Your Youtube Channel: Your Gateway to Free Marketing

YouTube screenshot - Cuecard Productions

Welcome to Cuecard Productions' ultimate guide to optimising your YouTube channel for increased visibility and viewer conversions! As a video production company committed to helping businesses to enhance their video marketing abilities, we understand the importance of standing out in the crowded YouTube landscape. By the end of this tutorial, your viewers will easily find your channel, engaging content and how to find out more about your business.

There are two ways you can optimise your YouTube channel

  1. On the channel page, by clicking on the blue ‘customise’ button

  2. On the Youtube studio dashboard on the left hand side - click 'customisation’


YouTube Video Optimisation - Cuecard Productions

Imagine your YouTube channel as your brand's personal streaming platform, similar to Netflix or Hulu. Organise it strategically to provide easy access to your content, allowing viewers to binge-watch with pleasure.

  • Channel Trailer: Add a compelling intro video that represents your channel's essence. It doesn't always have to be a "welcome" video but should set the right expectations for viewers.

  • Featured Video for Returning Visitors: Use this opportunity to reach subscribers who haven't visited your channel lately. Promote videos that need more exposure or updates on essential content.

  • Featured Sections: Customise up to 10 unique sections under your channel trailer or featured video. Use keywords in playlist titles and descriptions to increase discoverability.

Quick Tip: we recommend using either or for keyword search research and competitor analysis.


YouTube Video Optimisation - Cuecard Productions

Branding creates a recognizable identity for your channel, making it more appealing to viewers.

  • Profile Picture: Use a logo or image that best represents your brand. Aim for an 800x800 pixel image in JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG format.

  • Banner Image: Make an impactful first impression by showcasing your channel's essence and ensuring it fits all devices.

  • Video Watermark: A clickable icon that brands your videos as yours and allows quick subscriptions.

Basic Info

YouTube Video Optimisation - Cuecard Productions

Optimise your channel's basic information to help viewers understand what to expect from your content.

  • Channel Description: Clearly describe your channel's purpose, target keywords, genre, and niche. Set expectations for your audience.

  • Channel URL: Customise your URL after reaching 100 subscribers.

  • Links: Add links to your channel banner, such as subscribe, website, and social media pages.

  • Contact Info: Make it easy for people to reach out by providing your email address.

Channel Keywords:

YouTube Video Optimisation - Cuecard Productions

You will be able to find this section under the setting tab. In here set relevant keywords associated with your genre, niche, and market. Utilise words viewers are likely to use when searching for content like yours. But also use the sites recommended earlier under 'Quick Tip' for keyword search research.

Final Tips:

  • Always remember to publish before changing pages to avoid losing your work.

  • Be patient; it might take a while for the system to update and reflect your changes.

  • Mobile-Friendly Optimisation: Remember that changes made to your channel on Desktop also impact how it appears on mobile devices. Since 80% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile phones, keeping mobile users in mind is crucial for maximising your reach.


Optimising your YouTube channel is a powerful tool to enhance your online presence and attract a wider audience. As a video production company, Cuecard Productions is dedicated to helping you achieve success on this dynamic platform. Follow these optimisation strategies, and you will enhance your ability to attract more leads through your YouTube channel.

Now that you’ve optimised your YouTube Channel, check out this next guide on ‘How to Optimise your YouTube video.’

If you’d like to discuss our social media management service, where our team will take care of all of this for you, then contact us at

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